Fibre Optic Cable – Opportunities For Online Businesses in Kenya

Online businesses are businesses that are operated via the internet. Rather than being businesses defined by the conventional four stone walls it is defined through bandwidth and SEO. This break from the conventional business definition has presented unlimited opportunities in creation of wealth and jobs. Online businesses as opposed to traditional business give equal space for any individual to succeed, as the criteria required of starting an online business are not as stringent as traditional businesses. With a tailor made website and a good idea you are in business. The start up capital is minimal in most cases and that is the beauty of online business as the rewards truly outstrip any risks you take. Online business is as diverse as the owners themselves. They include outsourcing services, retailing, information dissemination, etc.Kenya, like most of Africa, has lagged behind in the technology revolution. We have been highly dependent on the expensive and unreliable satellite for our internet connection. This has made internet penetration in Kenya negligible. The costs of using the internet makes it prohibitive for households and business to access it. Kenya’s internet cyber cafes experienced a boom at this time as Kenyans wanted to use the internet for short periods of time rather than spend a fortune on installation costs and monthly fees. Online businesses were seen as unfeasible due to the high costs.But now, with the landing of the fibre optic cable off the coast of Mombasa, it gives opportunities to the ideas that seemed impossible. Internet costs are expected to drastically decrease thus making it more affordable to many. This provides boundless opportunities for Kenyan entrepreneurs to start online businesses that were labeled unfeasible a while ago. If you take the example of a Kenyan medical/health directory where lists of Kenyan doctors can be found, though a health/medical directory of Kenyan doctors is not groundbreaking as similar sites for other countries are already operational, it is a big opportunity for Kenyans to access Kenyan doctors or hospitals online. A list of Kenyan doctors is a good shift from the hard cover books that people have to buy to access information.With this craving for local content in Kenya and with the overwhelming support the government is giving Kenya, it can become the next IT hub for east Africa. The internet penetration is set to increase exponentially which makes specific content that much more lucrative.It is critical that you develop a clear understanding of your market and this can be achieved by finding a mentor who can advise you on the market as well as how to maneuver through the environment. You can also join online forums in Kenya which discuss issues dealing with internet and online businesses. If you take the above example of Kenyan doctors then you need to find a Kenyan doctor to explain to you about the environment.With the right ingredients such as:1. Starting a business you have expertise on
2. Patience making money from online business is not guaranteed nor is it quick.
3. Market your site both online and offline.
4. Understand your market.Then there should be no reason why you should not succeed in developing an online business.